Changing Tides

Changing Tides Website Screenshot Outer Banks Internet
About This Project

Changing Tides OBX is a rehabilitation center formerly known as the beach motel, The Buccaneer. Because this business is an alcohol and drug treatment center, our website needed to be able to handle very clear and detailed information. We created the homepage to handle this information and also show the location very close to the beach which is a selling point. Because the business used to be another name, we also needed to pick the correct headings and keywords to reflect the new direction of the business.

Easy access to more information about their comprehensive programs was also in our consideration so we created numerous call outs and buttons to allow users to quickly find the relevant information. Addiction treatment centers are a big expenditure on a person’s path to recovery, so we designed the Changing Tides OBX website to allow potential clients and easy and graceful way of finding out about the facility.