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About OBI

The OBI Team has been professionally involved in Internet technology development services almost since the World Wide Web's birth. As such we've not just grown with the Internet, we've been instrumental in helping the Internet grow. Too often in the website development business one encounters companies or individuals who have entered the arena with little or no actual training and experience with the unique demands of web design. The OBI Team is comprised of professionally trained individuals who have proven time and again they know what it takes to make your website work, and work well.

Chris Hess - Owner/President

Chris Hess - President

Chris Hess grew up spending summers on the Outer Banks fishing, surfing, and feeling the sand between his toes. After graduating from James Madison University with a Graphic Design degree and a concentration in 3-D animation for film and video, he had opportunities to head to the west coast and work with some major animation moguls, but opted to stay on the east coast and delve into the fast-paced coorporate presentation industry as a graphics and multimedia developer for several years. He knew he'd someday make the Outer Banks home, but was unsure how to utilize his skills and education on this primarily tourist driven island, the birth of the Internet sparked an idea. So in 1995, with fishing rod and surfboard in tow, Chris left the Washington DC rat race for fish, waves, and a career opportunity in the .COM world. Outer Banks Internet, Inc. was formed.

Tricia Honeycutt - Owner/Creative Director

Tricia  Joseph - Creative Director

Co-founder of Outer Banks Internet, Tricia worked in the film and video production industry in Washington DC for three years after obtaining her degree in Graphic Design and Communications from the University of Notre Dame. Realizing the DC lifestyle was not in her cards, she relocated to the Outer Banks in the spring of 1996, helped Chris build OBI, and has been the lead designer and Creative Director for the company ever since. Tricia is a dedicated ashtangi, enjoys beach walks, writing, photography, skiing, traveling and good food.

Sean Melehan - Programmer

Sean Melehan - Programmer

Sean Melehan, programmer extraordinaire, grew up just north of the Outer Banks in the Hampton Roads area. At age 12, Sean began teaching himself programming languages including C, C++, and Java. He continued his self-education throughout high school, learning database design and the principles of web development. He earned a B.S. in computer science from Old Dominion University. A lifelong programmer, Sean empowers OBI to deliver custom web applications suited to any need. His expertise in database architecture, custom scripting, and server management allows OBI to deliver powerful site functionality with maximum performance. Outside of programming, Sean enjoys playing guitar, playing the handyman, and spending time with his wife and son.

Jonathan Pillow - Website Content and Workflow Producer

Jonathan Pillow - Website Content and Workflow Producer

Jonathan Pillow grew up playing with HTML and CSS throughout high school, where he built his first websites by hand. He took a sidestep from his future in the web during college, receiving a B.A. in English from Virginia Tech and then continuing his education to complete an M.A. in English and M.F.A. in creative writing from McNeese State University, where he taught composition classes in preparation for a teaching career. During the summers between schooling, Jonathan and his wife spent their time catering to an addiction they had picked up on the Outer Banks: kiteboarding! Indeed, it was the steady Southwest winds and waist-deep waters of the sound that drew them back to the Outer Banks. As Website Content and Workflow Producer, Jonathan puts his English and communication skills to work for OBI's clientele, generating copy and serving as the production liaison. He enjoys continuing to push his web development skills further with each project, contributing where he can to the success of every site.